On a normal WordPress site, once a new user registers, the user is created in
the database. Then an email is sent to the new user with their login
credentials. Very simple. As it should be.

The New User Approve plugin modifies the registration process. When a user
registers for the site, the user gets created and then an email gets sent to
the administrators of the site. An administrator then is expected to either
approve or deny the registration request. An email is then sent to the user
indicating whether they were approved or denied. If the user has been approved,
the email will include the login credentials. Until a user is approved, the
user will not be able to login to the site.

Only approved users will be allowed to login to site. Users waiting for approval
as well as denied users will not be able to login to site.

A user’s status can be updated even after the initial approval/denial.

Each user that exists before New User Approve has been activated will be treated as
an approved user.

Default WordPress registration process:

  1. User registers.
  2. User is shown message to check email.
  3. Login credentials are sent to new user in an email.
  4. User logs in to site using login credentials.
  5. Admin is notified of new user sign up via email.

WordPress registration process with New User Approve plugin activated:

  1. User registers for access to site.
  2. User is shown message to wait for approval.
  3. Admin is notified of new user sign up via email.
  4. Admin goes to wp-admin to approve or deny new user.
  5. Email is sent to user. If approved, email will include login credentials.
  6. User logs in to site using login credentials.

Follow New User Approve on Github

Further support at newuserapprove.com.


New User Approve allows for customizations by using custom actions and filters. You can
find out more about these by browsing the source code.

A commercial plugin that adds a config panel for customization is also available at
The code for this plugin is also available at Github – https://github.com/picklewagon/new-user-approve. Pull requests welcomed.


  • new_user_approve_user_status – modify the list of users shown in the tables
  • new_user_approve_request_approval_message – modify the request approval message
  • new_user_approve_request_approval_subject – modify the request approval subject
  • new_user_approve_approve_user_message – modify the user approval message
  • new_user_approve_approve_user_subject – modify the user approval subject
  • new_user_approve_deny_user_message – modify the user denial message
  • new_user_approve_deny_user_subject – modify the user denial subject
  • new_user_approve_pending_message – modify message user sees after registration
  • new_user_approve_registration_message – modify message after a successful registration
  • new_user_approve_register_instructions – modify message that appears on registration screen
  • new_user_approve_pending_error – error message shown to pending users when attempting to log in
  • new_user_approve_denied_error – error message shown to denied users when attempting to log in


  • new_user_approve_user_approved – after the user has been approved
  • new_user_approve_user_denied – after the user has been denied
  • new_user_approve_approve_user – when the user has been approved
  • new_user_approve_deny_user – when the user has been denied


The plugin has been prepared to be translated. If you want to help to translate the plugin to your language, please have a look at the localization/new-user-approve.pot file which contains all definitions and may be used with a gettext editor like Poedit (Windows). More information can be found on the Codex.

When sending me your translation files, please send me your wordpress.org username as well.


Latest version: Download New User Approve Plugin v1.7.5
Requires: 3.5.1
Compatibile up to: 4.8.2
Total downloads: 212500


  1. Upload new-user-approve to the wp-content/plugins directory or download from
    the WordPress backend (Plugins -> Add New -> search for ‘new user approve’)
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. No configuration necessary.


Q. Installation Instructions

  1. Upload new-user-approve to the wp-content/plugins directory or download from
    the WordPress backend (Plugins -> Add New -> search for ‘new user approve’)
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. No configuration necessary.

Q. Why am I not getting the emails when a new user registers?
A. The New User Approve plugin uses the functions provided by WordPress to send
email. Make sure your host is setup correctly to send email if this happens.

Q. How do I customize the email address and/or name when sending notifications to users?
A. This is not a function of the plugin but of WordPress. WordPress provides the
wp_mail_from and wp_mail_from_name filters to allow you to customize this.
There are also a number of plugins that provide a setting to change this to
your liking.

Q. What happens to the user’s status after the plugin is deactivated?
A. If you deactivate the plugin, their status doesn’t matter. The status that the
plugin uses is only used by the plugin. All users will be allowed to login as long
as they have their username and passwords.


  1. The backend to manage approving and denying users. This is an alternative to approving users.

    The backend to manage approving and denying users. This is an alternative to approving users.

  2. Integration with WordPress Users admin page.

    Integration with WordPress Users admin page.

  3. Filter users by status.

    Filter users by status.

  4. Approve or deny users using the bulk edit feature in WordPress.

    Approve or deny users using the bulk edit feature in WordPress.

  5. Custom messages on the login screen.

    Custom messages on the login screen.



  • Fixed: User status filter in admin was not using database prefix
    • Courtesy of Oizopower
    • https://github.com/picklewagon/new-user-approve/pull/50
  • Fixed: Optimize user status list so it can be used with many users
  • Fixed: Updated transient to populate with user counts instead of user list
  • Updated: Modify output of user counts on dashboard
  • Updated: Polish translations
  • Added: Missing string to translation file
  • Added: Bulgarian translation


  • Fixed: Corrected erroneous SQL query when filtering users
  • Fixed: User filters
    • Courtesy of julmuell
    • https://github.com/picklewagon/new-user-approve/pull/44
  • Fixed: Show a user status in the filters only if at least one user has that status


  • place content in metaboxes in place of dynamically pulling from website
  • tested with WordPress 4.3.1


  • tested with WordPress 4.1
  • fix translation bug
  • add bubble to user menu for pending users
    • Courtesy of howdy_mcgee
    • https://wordpress.org/support/topic/get-number-of-pending-users#post-5920371


  • fix code causing PHP notices
  • don’t show admin notice for registration setting if S2Member plugin is active
  • fix issue causing empty password in approval email
  • update translation files


  • email/message tags
  • refactor messages
  • send admin approval email after the user has been created
  • tested with WordPress 4.0
  • finish updates in preparation of option addon plugin


  • improve actions and filters
  • refactor messages to make them easier to override
  • show admin notice if the membership setting is turned off
  • fix bug preventing approvals/denials when using filter
  • add sidebar in admin to help with support
  • unit tests
  • shake the login form when attempting to login as unapproved user
  • updated French translation


  • tested with WordPress 3.9
  • fix bug preventing the notice from hiding on legacy page


  • fix bug that was preventing bulk approval/denials


  • add more translations


  • allow approval from legacy page


  • fix bug that prevents emails from being sent to admins


  • add filter for link to approve/deny users
  • add filter for adding more email addresses to get notifications
  • fix bug that prevents users to be approved and denied when requested
  • fix bug that prevents the new user email from including a password
  • fix bug that prevents search results from showing when searching users


  • fix link to approve new users in email to admin
  • fix bug with sending emails to new approved users


  • fix bug when trying to install on a site with WP 3.5.1


  • add more logic to prevent unwanted password resets
  • add more translations
  • minor bug fixes
  • use core definition of tabs
  • user query updates (requires 3.5)
  • add status attribute to user profile page
  • integration with core user table (bulk approve, filtering, etc.)
  • tested with WordPress 3.6
  • set email header when sending email
  • more filters and actions


  • fix password recovery bug if a user does not have an approve-status meta field
  • add more translations
  • tested with WordPress 3.5


  • delete transient of user statuses when a user is deleted


  • add filters
  • honor the redirect if there is one set when registering
  • add actions for when a user is approved or denied
  • add a filter to bypass password reset
  • add more translations
  • add user counts by status to dashboard
  • store the users by status in a transient


  • remove unused screen_layout_columns filter
  • tested with WordPress 3.4


  • fix bug showing error message permanently on login page


  • fix bug with allowing wrong passwords


  • add czech, catalan, romanian translations
  • fix formatting issues in readme.txt
  • add a filter to modify who has access to approve and deny users
  • remove deprecated function calls when a user resets a password
  • don’t allow a user to login without a password


  • use the User API to retrieve a user instead of querying the db
  • require at least WordPress 3.1
  • add validate_user function to fix authentication problems
  • add new translations
  • get rid of plugin errors with WP_DEBUG set to true


  • fix to include the deprecated code for user search


  • add french translation


  • add greek translation


  • add danish translation


  • fix localization to work correctly
  • add polish translation


  • check for the existence of the login_header function to make compatible with functions that remove it
  • added “Other Notes” page in readme.txt with localization information.
  • added belarusian translation files


  • add localization support
  • add a changelog to readme.txt
  • remove plugin constants that have been defined since 2.6
  • correct the use of db prepare statements/use prepare on all SQL statements
  • add wp_enqueue_style for the admin style sheet


  • replace calls to esc_url() with clean_url() to make plugin compatible with versions less than 2.8


  • fix the admin ui tab interface for 2.8
  • add a link to the users profile in the admin interface
  • fix bug when using email address to retrieve lost password
  • show blog title correctly on login screen
  • use get_option() instead of get_settings()


  • fix approve/deny links
  • fix formatting issue with email to admin to approve user


  • correctly display error message if registration is empty
  • add a link to the options page from the plugin dashboard
  • clean up code
  • style updates
  • if a user is created through the admin interface, set the status as approved instead of pending
  • add avatars to user management admin page
  • improvements to SQL used
  • verify the user does not already exist before the process is started
  • add nonces to approve and deny actions
  • temporary fix for pagination bug

112 Responses to “New User Approve Plugin”

  1. Ray Stewart

    I have been looking for a simple way to stop spam users registering and this plugin fits the bill perfectly.

    Keep up the good work Josh!

  2. Justin

    This plugin is exactly what I have been looking for, but it doesn’t seem to work for me.

    I have activated the plugin, but when I log out of my account I can still see the blog. I want people to get some sort of message asking them to log in or register, does this plugin offer that or do I need to set that option elsewhere?

    Thanks so much for your help, and I like your BYU t-shirt!

  3. DeMerchant

    I’m not getting my admin emails for some reason. Might be on my end anyway, but do you have any suggestions for things I could look at from the plugin side?

  4. Rodrigo Sampaio

    Hi Josh, thanks for the plugin. It is very useful. I would like to suggest a minor change in the plugin behavior.

    If the user is created through the admin interface I think it is better to set his status as ‘approved’ instead of setting it as ‘pending’.

    This because if a admin go to the “Approve new users” page he can see active users as ‘peding’ and then if he approves it the system will change the user’s password.

    To achieve this I think that you only have to change the line 32.

    What do you think?

    Thanks, Rodrigo.

  5. Rodrigo Sampaio

    Hi again Josh, we been playing around with new user approve and I think we have found a bug.

    In a fresh WordPress 2.7.1 install with New User Approve enable if the user submit an empty registration form it doesn’t get the message saying that the username and email fields are mandatory. Instead it receives the message saying “Registration successful.”.

    I’ve send to you by email the patch we made to fix this.

    Regards, Rodrigo.

  6. Josh Harrison

    Thanks for the patch Rodrigo. One reason I wanted to release this plugin was because of people like you. This is awesome!

  7. Javier Crespo

    Has a security hole?
    Anyone can ask registration with an existing login.
    ‘New User Aprove’ don’t check this. On aproval get ID of the first row in users, reset his password an email a new one to intruder.

  8. Karl

    Hi Josh. Thank you for creating such plugin. I have a question though. When I got to approve a person, I get a page does not exist (404 not the one for WordPress). So I am not able to approve the person or deny them either. Any ideas?


  9. Vital

    Great and useful plugin. Thanks for fixing the approve/deny links.
    One comment/suggestion:
    It would be nice if the “Approve New Users” listing contained links to the user profiles (Username column). It is a trivial fix/patch and I do it myself in the plugin editor. The links to profile are needed for us because we have few extra fields in the registration form that need to be checked before approval.

    One more thing – it would be really nice if all registration fields (including ((cimy or whatever)) extra fields) were sent to admin with the new user notification email.
    Keep it up.

  10. Max Sanchez

    Hi, excelent post.
    I found a bug. When you not remember your password, the wordpress can`t send password reset. I have wp2.7.1 and lost your password function is not workin with your plugin..

    • Josh Harrison

      Thanks for finding this bug Max. I was able to recreate this bug when using your email address to retrieve your password. I have fixed it to work with either your email address or username in 1.1.2.

      • Tony

        Hi Josh,

        Thanks for the useful plugin! I ran into an issue today where a previously approved user was unable to request a lost password using email address, and there was no error or success message upon submitting the form to request the email, it simply returned to the login screen. Disabling this plugin temporarily fixed the issue. I do use custom user roles on this site, so i’m wondering if it’s possible that’s related to this bug.


  11. Lisa

    Hi Josh–
    I love the plugin! I am having one problem, however.

    When I register a new user, after I submit I come to a blank screen that says “Pending Approval”

    I’d like to change that message a bit and at the least have my template stay on the screen.

    Is there any way to apply this message to the body of my template?



  12. Mike

    Trying to use this plugin with “Theme My Login,”
    and am having an issue; your plugin is making a call to login_header, and it’s throwing an error – any graceful way to get a message to print to the screen?

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function login_header() in /home/PATH-TO-WP/wp-content/plugins/new-user-approve/new-user-approve.php on line 410

    Any help would be appreciated.


  13. Yaakov

    I was looking for a plugin with exactly this function and it looks like it does exactly what I need. Thanks!

    Feature request: currently nearly all of the strings of text used in the user messages, emails and admin interface are hard-coded into the plugin. I am planning on using this on non-English sites, so I will be translating the strings inside the plugin. However, this makes it pretty painful to upgrade the plugin in the future. My request is to make it easier to include translations, and persist them in between plugin upgrades.

  14. Vital

    Hmm, OK here you go then:
    line 275:

    $edit = ‘<strong><a href=”$edit_link”>’ . $user->user_login . ‘</a></strong><br />’;

    Shouldn’t it be:

    $edit = ‘<strong><a href=”‘.$edit_link.'”>’ . $user->user_login . ‘</a></strong><br />’;


  15. Bryan

    I’m having the same problem as Mike in September. I’d like to use it with the Theme My Login plugin but it’s giving a Call to undefined function login_header() error. It’s a custom theme, if there is anything I’m missing I need to add to my theme or edit let me know, I’d love to be able to use this plugin. Thanks.

    • Josh Harrison

      Good news. I have added a fix to make the New User Plugin compatible with the Theme My Login plugin. The plugin author unfortunately removes the login_header function so I just check to see if the function exists before calling it. Check for it within the next few days.

      • Julie

        would you be so nice please and can you help me? 🙁

        I’m using “Theme My Login” as a widget on the sidebar. It shows me the register link. Clik > Fill out the info > Register and then white blank screen with “http://mypagename.com/?action=register&instance=1” In url. It sends the user email and administrator too but the blank screen…what I should change to get redirect to blog default url.

        Thank you,

      • elizabeth

        I am having the same problem. When a user registers, they see a blank screen even though the registration does work. Is there any way to fix this?


  16. Lefteris


    this is a nice plugin but i am having problems with the localization. Actually, it doesnt work at all.

    I have made the correct files for the greek language
    (pw_new_user_approve-el_EL.mo and pw_new_user_approve-el_EL.po) and placed them under the localization folder.

    Nothing is happening, front end messages and also admin messages are still in english. The greek language is correctly declared in wp-config.php as:

    define (‘WPLANG’, ‘el’);

    I think there is something wrong at line 37:
    var $localizationDomain = “pw_new_user_approve”;
    and line 68:
    load_plugin_textdomain($this->localizationDomain, dirname(__FILE__) . ‘/localization’);

    any help?

    thank you in advance!

    • Josh Harrison

      @Lefteris Thanks for pointing out the bug with the localization. I have fixed the code and released it under version 1.2.2. I would love to include your greek translation with the plugin. Let me know if you are interested.

  17. Debajyoti

    First of all i want to thank you for your plug-in.

    Now I need some help as I am very much new in Word-press. I have used your plug-in but after getting register, user are not getting the confirmation mail, I am using windows server,can you help me to solve this problem!



  18. Piotr Kubala

    I successfully created polish traslation. I will send it to Josh Harrison. There was some problems with it.
    First, the translation file must be renamed from “new_user_approve-….” to “pw_new_user_approve-….”
    Second, I changed line 68 to
    load_plugin_textdomain($this->localizationDomain, false, dirname(plugin_basename( __FILE__ )) . ‘/localization’);

  19. Kirk T

    Is there a way to customize the final email the user gets once they are approved?

    I’ve opened up the source, but any change I make doesn’t make it to the final email. I’ve been messing with lines 376-371 in the new-user-approve.php file.

    Am I missing something or messing with the wrong code altogether?

  20. Lefteris

    hello again

    the changes suggested by Piotr Kubala solved my problems.


  21. booboo

    Does this:
    Add option to customize admin notification email that gets sent when a new user registers

    mean that you will be able to customize who gets the admin mail requesting a new user registration? Because I used this sweet plugin to set up a site for a friend but because I registered as the first admin it sends all the emails to me instead of her…

  22. Vital

    The latest release still have the same bug (see comment at January 4, 2010 at 5:17 pm)
    This time on line 288:

    Instead of — href=\”$edit_link\” —(dead link)
    ir should be — href=\””.$edit_link.”\” — (correct link to profile)

  23. Victor

    I’m having some issues when using “New User Approve” plugin in combination with “Ajax login” getting “Unknown registration response.”

    How can this be fixed ?

    Thank you,

  24. GeorgWP

    I have translated and used your plugin for some time, but now I can no longer approve pending users. A get a white screen with a question that says something like “Are you sure that you want to do that?” There are no buttons or any other way to respond to this question. So I am stuck with pending users.

    I recall that I saw this message some time ago when I wrote a plugin myself. If nonces were not set correctly, this question appeared.

    I hope you can help me. I am using WP 2.9.2.

  25. Pete

    Hi, I am having a little trouble with my install of the plugin. I have the plugin installed alongside with buddypress, I’m not sure if that may be what is causing my problem, but every time a user signs up, my admin gets the email telling me a user has signed up, but the user also receives an email with an activation link etc. And once the user clicks that link they are straight away able to login and post comments etc.

    When I look at the plugin’s section in wp-admin it appears the user has automatically been approved.

    I don’t suppose anyone has any idea as to why this is happening, or any idea on how to solve the problem?

    Thanks a lot

    • Sevag

      I am having the exact same problem with the exact same setup. Any solutions?

      • Marc Benzakein

        Any news on this? Having the same problem as well. Thanks! Anything would be GREATLY (underlined, underscored, bolded) appreciated.



  26. Vince


    When I deny a user, he still have access to the blog.
    Any idea why ?
    I’m using latest version of the plugin

    Thank you for your help

  27. Janne

    I have a Dutch translation available for you. Check your mail. 🙂

    Thanks for the good work!

  28. Meini

    Same issue here as @Pete – with buddypress installed, your plugin seems to have no effect …

    What a shame, this would have been such a great and easy little helper!

  29. Jim

    Has anyone found a way to edit the “from” name and address of the emails this system sends out? On mine it uses wordpress@mydomain.com which looks quite unprofessional… Anyone?

  30. Jim

    P.S I managed to fix the wordpress@mydomain.com problem with a plugin called “Mail From” – but it’d be really nice to have this option built in to the plugin so the emails can be customised easier…

    Many thanks


  31. Peter

    Hey there.

    Having an issue mentioned above with the latest version of word press.

    It takes me to the registration form however admin never gets the approval notification email.

  32. Xarzu

    I know this must be a stupid question, but, how do I see this? I have installed this plugin and, sure enough, it is there in my list of plugins and it shows as being “active” (the activivate option is not listed) in my list of plugins. But how do I actually see it? Is it not available until someone actually registers? This might be the problem, I guess.

  33. emmanuel

    I have installed register plus and it works fine for my new registrations.
    BUT i am not getting the new user notification messages.
    I have turned on all that am supposed to turn on including the Custom User Email Notification.
    what should i do? do i have to do some configuration in my wordpress files?

  34. q292u

    Hi. I get a lot of approvals every day. Currently, I have to click on each individual “approve” or “deny” link..
    Can we have a “select” check box for each approval request, and a “bulk actions” dropdown with “approve” and “deny” options?
    I could then check all the ones to deny, select “deny” and “apply”, and then do the same with the “approve” ones.
    This would speed things up considerably, particularly if I’m using my smartphone.. two “submit” requests instead of 50..

    Excellent plugin, by the way.

  35. Nordino

    Hi. First of all I want to say thanks for a great little plugin.

    Is there a way to fix it so ONLY approved users will be visible in the users list or A&U Extended list (I’m using Cimy Extra Fields)?

  36. Ed

    Trying to test your plugin. When a new user registers where should your plugin send them after registration? For me it goes to a plank page and nothing displays. Using wp3. Does that sound like normal behavior?

  37. Damian


    I have a small problem… I think 😉

    When I click the Approve User link, the approved user gets sent two emails? I’m thinking when the page refreshes, it calls the function to send emails twice. Any ideas to fix this issue?



    • greencap

      Did you get the issue fixed somehow?

      I’m observing the same thing, the approval mail is sent twice.

  38. Bob Randklev

    I think this is what we are looking for? I need new users to register AND submit a phone number. Our site requires the administrator to call the user and then approve them.

    If I add phone number using Register Plus can that field be added to the approval screen?

    I have another idea to use WP Members which takes care of protecting the blog/pages and custom fields are added at registration, your plugin only adds the admin approval process.

    Have you heard of other ways to handle the phone number then call then user approval?

  39. medi hashemi

    I think this is what we are looking for? I need new users to register AND submit a phone number. Our site requires the administrator to call the user and then approve them.

    If I add phone number using Register Plus can that field be added to the approval screen?

    I have another idea to use WP Members which takes care of protecting the blog/pages and custom fields are added at registration, your plugin only adds the admin approval process.

    Have you heard of other ways to handle the phone number then call then user approval?

  40. PhantaNews

    Thanks for this very useful plugin!

    I’m looking for a way to delete all the unapproved users without handpicking them in the wp-useradmin; thanks in advance for any hints.

  41. Sharon

    This is a great idea, however the registration process isn’t working quite right. I have created ‘dummy’ accounts to test, and after I click “activate” on the dummy account’s email, I am able to go back and login without issue, no admin approval needed. When I look in the dashboard area, the dummy account shows as being approved WITHOUT admin approval. Please advise.

  42. Joni Mueller

    Hi, Josh. I’m having the same problem as Karl from last year. When I click on Users > Approve Users, I get a 404 error. It’s asking for this page string:

    Any ideas? An otherwise lovely plugin.

  43. oliver

    Hello, apparently when an user is denied, he’s still added to the wp user list. Is there a way to automatically delete unapproved users ? thanks for your help.

  44. John Chandler

    Hi Josh,
    Just a heads up that I installed your plugin on a 3.1 development blog and it’s not working. I had to replace wp_user_search in lines 485 and 488 to wp_user_query since wp_user_search has been deprecated.

    However, on the Approve New Users page in the dashboard, I get this error:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /mysite/wp-content/plugins/new-user-approve/new-user-approve.php on line 189

    • Josh Harrison

      John Thanks for the bug report. I have been working on an update and will have it ready around the same time as the release of 3.1.

  45. Jon Shelton

    Just installed and activated the plugin, now my site is down with this error:

    Fatal error: Class ‘WP_User_Search’ not found in /home6/jonshelt/public_html/mulberrycc/wp-content/plugins/new-user-approve/new-user-approve.php on line 488

    Any idea on what I need to edit in my code to get access again to my site?

  46. eoin

    Hea, Josh

    Im working on a site at the minute using your quality plugin, ( Page Restrict for WordPress).

    The problem im having is, I use the full WP levels of roles, admin, editor, author,
    I want editors to be able to allow new users, that works sweet, ive set authors not to have this power i dont need this.

    So all seems well until on of the cheeky editors denys my Admin account, for a laugh, and I had to get him to allow me and it sent me a new password, but i felt a bit annoyed that a sub-ordinate could deny me from the very site that I created for him.

    So it there a way that you can add some Exception for admins, so other user levels can use the functionality of the plugin .e.g editors

    While not allowing an editor account the power to deny a Admin account. please respond as you probably know from experience ive been 5+ hours on this issue searching forums etc. and brick wall has been hit!

  47. Rush

    If you Approve a new user, he will receive a new email with login and password.
    Then…..If you Deny this same user, he will still have access to the website.

  48. Sherry Haney

    Is there a way to customize the email that goes to the approved user? I know I can do it in the php file, but when the plug in updates, that will over-write my changes.

  49. mariano

    Hi Josh,

    just installed your “New User Approve Plugin” and did a german localization. Feel free to include it in your next release, you will find the files at my box.

    Best regards & thanks!

  50. Gene

    Hello! Great plugin!

    It appears to be broken with the release of WP 3.1. Any workarounds? Thanks!

  51. Rudi

    I have the same problem as Gene!

    Been using this wonderful Plugin for a very long time but suddenly, when I upgraded to WordPress 3.1 from 3.04 the Plugin caused untold nonsense.

    Had to go delete the whole Plugin folder for new-user-approve under wp-content/plugins, then and only then was our web site able to appear at all. With the New User Approve plugin there was a fatal error, with the following message:

    Fatal error: Class ‘WP_User_Search’ not found in /home1/rugbytal/public_html/wp-content/plugins/new-user-approve/new-user-approve.php on line 488

    Would be wonderful to get an update which sorts this problem out or a work-around to prevent the havoc?

    Kindly mail me,

    Much appreciated

    Rudi Geldenhuys

  52. vcherep

    The best thing you can do for now is just go to new-user-approve.php, line 486, and change

    (The class they use has deprecated and was moved there.)

    …And wait for the update.

  53. mariano

    This fix ist not final. Did you change anything else than this line 486?
    The plugin does not crash anymore with the update/fix.

    Now, there is a bug, already in version 1.2.5: after the user has registered, a message is displayed, saying:
    “Registration successful.”
    “An email has been sent to the site administrator. The administrator will review the information that has been submitted and either approve or deny your request.”

    Now I am using this plugin at a german domain, so I did a german .po and .mo file for the localization.

    Registration successful. = Anmeldung erfolgreich.
    An email has been sent to the site administrator. The administrator will review the information that has been submitted and either approve or deny your request. = Eine E-Mail wurde an den Administrator verschickt. Dieser wird die Anmeldung bestätigen oder ablehnen.
    You will receive an email with instructions on what you will need to do next. Thanks for your patience.=Eine E-Mail mit weiteren Instruktionen wird dann verschickt. Habe etwas Geduld!

    Now the first part of the message (“Registration successful.”) is replaced correctly, the second part is mixed up, i.e. “An email has been sent…”is not replaced, “You will receive…” ist replaced. See here for localization files and screenshots.

    Why is that? Can someone confirm this (with another localization)?

  54. Martin Sauter

    This plug-in seems to be exactly what I’m looking for, but it does not work in WP 3.1 with BuddyPress. After registration the e-mail is sent directly to the user, so he can activate his account without an administrator reviewing it. Any ideas?

  55. Lara Hearn

    Hi there
    This has been a great plugin and just what we needed but, after working fine yesterday, I am now getting the following message:
    Fatal error: Class ‘WP_User_Search’ not found in /var/www/vhosts/ohta.ac.nz/httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/new-user-approve/new-user-approve.php on line 488
    This is on my wp-admin page, so I can’t get into the dashboard to change the code or anything.
    Any ideas as to where I go from here? The site is kept on an external server and not as a local copy on my computer, so I have no access to the database, or none that I really want to be fiddling around with.

  56. Odile

    Thank you very much for this plugin !!
    The only problem for me is due to the the french translation (seems to be an encoding problem).
    “Après l’inscription, votre demande sera envoyée à l’administrateur “….”Pour être approuvé,”….

    Best regards 🙂

    • Romain

      Thanks for this plugin too !

      I’ve the same problem that Odile (I’m french too).
      Someone have an idea ?

      Best regards

  57. liz

    If I want to remove the WordPress logo that shows up after a user registers , how do I remove or even replace this with a custom logo? Thanks!

  58. Charles

    Hey Josh – Great plugin, works like a charm. I’ve run into a small glitch though, it sends some users 2 different passwords about 5 minutes apart. The original password will allow you to log into the site, but then another email shows up with another password, which resets the original one. Can get a little confusing for users… any thoughts?

    • Danny

      I also am having this problem. All was well on 3.0, then I upgraded t0 3.1 and the problem started, upgraded to 3.1.1 and still have the same problem.

    • Joe Turner

      I am also seeing this problem, although the duplicate email is straight 1 second after the first. Running WordPress 3.0.5.

      Looking at the plugin code, its not a problem there as I have commented out the wp_mail call and then receive no emails at all. Its as though the script is running twice in one pageload….

      • Neil

        Hi there, I too am getting this problem as described above, the duplicate email with new password is 1 second or so after the first one. Did anyone have any luck with a fix? thanks.

  59. Ted Gideonse

    I, too, am getting “Fatal error: Class ‘WP_User_Search’ not found in …/wp-content/plugins/new-user-approve/new-user-approve.php on line 488.” I’ve tried updated the plugin and deleting the plugin folder, and I’m still getting the error. I’m locked out of my site now. Can you recommend anything?

  60. Ryan Harne

    Hi there,
    I have created new user using “wp_create_user” function, but the users is directly goes into the approved users list. Do you using any other method/function to create the new user? Or is there any hook to apply?
    The registration have to goes thru manual developed form.

  61. Ramona

    Does the plugin work with double opt-in? (confirmation of email address)
    Can I add additional regsitration fields (for sending an invoice)?

    • Josh Harrison

      The plugin currently does not ask for confirmation of email address. And no, no additional fields can be added using this plugin for registration.

  62. george

    is there a way to change the denaial email address “wordpress@…” to something custom?


  63. Anup


    For one of the blogs of my site, I have put that only registered users can comments.

    Now for some reasons, I decided to give your plugin a try.

    And despite activating your plugin, I find that its the user who is getting the approve email !

    I guess you should check your plugin again.


  64. RL

    How do I add the “Pending Users” to the list of available roles in Users.php? When I click on Users Link (under Users in admin page), I see the pending users are classified as subscribers. What I would like to happen is that for users that are pending, they will be classified user “Pending Users” and consequently, denied users will not be subscribers but “Denied Users”.

    Thank you

  65. DevilWAH

    One thing I have nothiced is that after a user registered they get left on a page telling them there requet will be forwarded to an admin who will get back to them.

    What would be nice is a link back to the home page of the blog so they can continue browsing, I know I can add this myself but I think it would be a nice feature rather than leveing them on a page with no where to go.

    Apart from that a perfect Plugin 🙂 cheers


  66. koager

    Awesome! However, there are some additional functions that I would like to see. I would like to personalize the message sent to the admin and the user. Also, if it can be integrated along with other plugins. I am currently using Pie Register to customize the registration process that includes a customized field and the users’ own password, however all that is lost after approving the user.
    Also, I have noticed that denying a user does not actually work. The denied user is still added into the user list and is able to login and comment just as any other person.

    • Randy

      I’m not sure if this is the case in your situation, but I had another plugin installed that allowed users to set their own password during registration. The way New User Approve works is that it prevents the default randomly generated password from being emailed to the user until an administrator approves them. If they set their own password, the administrator can deny the user and the plugin will not email them the password. However, since the user supplied their own password, they can still log in to the blog because they know their password. As the developer mentions somewhere above, the user is not removed from the database upon access denial because you may want to give them access again.

      • Randy

        One possible remedy to this situation would be to cause the plugin to set a different randomly generated password when an administrator denies a user access. It wouldn’t matter if the original password was user supplied or randomly generated. I don’t see where this would cause any problem to blogs that don’t allow users to set their own password.

  67. Randy

    I’m not exactly sure when this started occurring, but the Admin UI for Approve New Users is no longer functional. Instead of seeing the three tabs with lists under them, all I see now are three stacked hyperlinks, Pending, Approved, and Denied. Clicking Pending does nothing. Clicking Approved pulls up the pending list, but when I click on a user it says “There are no users with a status of Denied.” I would really appreciate some help with this issue. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? I have another WordPress site on a different server and it is having this same issue as well. And yes, I have tested it using many different computers. Thanks!

    • eBiznet

      Randy, I’m seeing a similar problem on my site as you described.

      When I click on Users–Approve New Users, I see the three hyperlinks stacked up vertically, with the list of users below that. The page auto-refreshes, and then I see the three tabs. The default tab is Users Pending Approval, which says “There are no users with a status of pending” although I know that there are!

      While I receive email notifications that new members are registered on my site, I don’t receive any emails from this plugin informing me that these new members are pending my approval.

      I think there’s something wrong with this plugin, for want of something better. However, I hope the plugin author Josh can fix this.

      BTW, vh, I use Firefox and Chrome and still see these issues.

      • Tonttu-ukko

        Hey dude! Thanks for this plugin, I really needed something like this.

        Anyway, here’s a Finnish translation I just did: http://bayfiles.com/file/m5cD/yyTehN/new-user-approve-fi.zip

        Note that the .po and .mo files don’t have ‘fi_FI’ in their names, but only ‘fi’ as the Finnish bundle of WordPress has define ('WPLANG', 'fi'); in wp_config.php instead of a more correct define ('WPLANG', 'fi_FI');

  68. Devi

    I am running on 3.5.2. Even after authorising a new user they are still unable to login. The wp-login.php page tells me the password is incorrect. The ‘Sidebar Login’ plugin i am using tells me that the account has not been authorised yet. Any advise?

    • Devi

      Just a note. I have tried both with the user adding password on registration and with wordpress auto generating a password for the new user. Same thing with both.

  69. athomasimage

    Through the user approval process, I’ve notice a couple of .com spam-farms. Any way to include a “block” feature based on the “spamfarm.com” portion of the email address??

  70. Wayne Kuhn

    I like and use your plugin in several of the sites I manage. It would be convenient if I could bulk delete denied users. Presently I have to go through my all users list (which includes denied users) and individually delete the denied users. If I am missing a technique for this, please let me know.


  71. Michele


    I would like to know if it is possible to send an email to the new user too.

    I’ll explain it better, it’s a subscribing website.

    So the user asks for a login.

    Now, what I would like to have is :
    A new user is registered – the admin gets a notification
    The new pending user gets an email where is explained how to pay the service.
    If he pays the admin will enable his login.

    I miss this part…

    Thx a lot for any help.


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