Yahoo Boss Plugin Update 0.7

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Last night I took some time to make some minor updates to my Yahoo Boss plugin. No features were added – just fixed a few bugs and cleaned it up some. Here is a list of the changes: Options page has been cleaned up with a sidebar for meta information with links for support, donations,… Read more »

Building a Quick Search Engine

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For a while I’ve been wanting to create a specialized search engine for a project I have been working on. Given the limited amount of time I have, I clearly had to piggyback on current technologies. Search engines today do an awesome job of indexing the web to find what you need when you need… Read more »

Death to Silos

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One thing I have grown to dislike as a user of the Internet, software, and computers in general is how many sites and software think they are great enough to be alone in their own walled garden. Or silo. What do I mean by silo or walled garden? It basically means that users are inputing… Read more »