Back to Blogging?

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For a while now, I’ve been wanting to get back to creating content. In fact for the past few years, I’ve been wanting to do so. It feels like a good time to start blogging again. I’m not entirely certain what I’ll be writing about. I have some ideas but I’m sure some of it… Read more »

Thoughtful Response

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Yesterday, I got a request from a contact to be connected on LinkedIn. I accepted the connection and then was taken to the LinkedIn site where I shown a lot of people that I possibly knew. For some reason, I went through the list and added some connections. A colleague of mine that I haven’t… Read more »

WordPress Plugins as Frameworks

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I noticed earlier today an interesting video in the feed. Marc Lavallee & Wes Lindamood: Plugins are Blueprints talk about how they use plugins as a starting point to get to an end. I like what they had to say. It reminded me of what WordPress plugins are missing. A few years ago, my thinking shifted in… Read more »

Using Twitter Now

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A long time ago, I signed up for Twitter but have used it very little since. I used it privately in the past, mostly when we had our last child. I used it as a log of the night’s events. Since then, I have tried to avoid Twitter and thought of some good excuses to… Read more »

New User Approve WordPress Plugin

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Finally I am getting around to releasing some plugins I have created for WordPress. The first one is the New User Approve plugin. New User Approve is a WordPress plugin that allows a blog administrator to approve a user before they are able to access and login to the blog. I currently use it on… Read more »

First Release of my Picklewagon WordPress Theme

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I’ve spent the last few nights getting my Picklewagon WordPress Theme ready for release. The reason why I am releasing it is because that is what WordPress is all about. Everybody releases plugins and themes they have worked on and contributes to the community. Perhaps somebody out there would like to use it. I have… Read more »

Jungle Disk Discount Offer

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I recently blogged about how much I like using Jungle Disk as a backup service. Today I got an email from them with a discount code for friends and family. I have 10 to give away. It reduces the price of the software from $20 to $10. Bargain! The offer is valid for 30 days…. Read more »

Back and Better Than Ever

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I’ve decided to finally stop my stint of not posting to my blog. I have been busy with moving and starting a new job, but there are so many ideas and thoughts in my that need to be put somewhere. I’m excited to get posting again. For those of you that are still reading this… Read more »