Private RSS Feeds

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For quite a while now, I’ve been looking and thinking about how a password protected feed could be accomplished. This seems to be quite a problem. One that does not have a solution yet. Why would somebody want an authenticated RSS feed? I personally would like one for a private blog that I have. Other… Read more »

Create A Private Blog With WordPress

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Besides this blog, I have another one that I use as a private blog. I had that blog long before this one. In it, my wife and I write about our kids and family events, post pictures, and will soon post videos. When I created it, I decided to make it private to prevent the… Read more »

My Goals For 2007

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This year has been great. I’ve accomplished a lot. I want 2007 to be even better. Here are my goals for the new year to help me accomplish this. Market myself better using this blog. Find ways to network with other people. Manage my time more effectively and become more organized. That’s pretty much it…. Read more »

Blogger Burnout

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I have seen many stats stating the number of blogs on the Internet are growing very rapidly. Many of the blogs are normal people writing about normal things. Many businesses have started their own blogs for various reasons. Those who haven’t will suffer for not doing so. Since I have started my blog, I have… Read more »

Testing Lyceum

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I am trying to get Lyceum setup on my test server. Lyceum is software similar to the software running this blog but makes it possible to the setup multiple blogs. After a seamless install, when I try to login, it crashes my server. I’m just getting ready to walk through the code. If anybody out… Read more »

Subscribe to Blogs

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I venture to guess that most people reading my blog don’t subscribe to it. This isn’t a post asking for everybody to subscribe to picklewagon. But I did want to point out something that most, if not all, blogs have that will make your life easier. Behind the scenes of blogs exists a technology called… Read more »

Vanity Searching

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Last week I googled my own name once again. About six months ago I did it and I didn’t even show up. Now, I’m happy to report I show up on the first page at the bottom. How cool is that! So I guess my blog is paying off. If only I blogged more I… Read more »

Scoble, I Missed You Last Week

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It turns out Scoble was in Utah last week on Friday. He had an open invite to brunch to the Lion House Pantry. I would have loved to have gone but we were already headed out to a mini vacation to St. George. That would have been a fun time. I love how he just… Read more »