Etelos At OSCON

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People seem to not quite understand what Etelos (the company I work for) does. Yesterday I found an awesome article written by Rick Turoczy describing what we do and how we can help developers and enterprises distribute, license, and support applications. I was reading it when my wife came in the office. She briefly glanced… Read more »

Monitor Web Pages That Don’t Use RSS

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For a while I’ve been wanting to find a tool that would monitor a web page and send me an RSS feed when it gets updated. I found a few solutions. But before I talk about the solutions, I first want to ask why there are so many sites that still don’t offer RSS feeds,… Read more »

Enabling OpenID

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I have successfully enabled as a delegate for my OpenID. This has been something I have been wanting to do for a while. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. What is OpenID? says it best: OpenID eliminates the need for multiple usernames across different websites, simplifying your online… Read more »

Jungle Disk Discount Offer

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I recently blogged about how much I like using Jungle Disk as a backup service. Today I got an email from them with a discount code for friends and family. I have 10 to give away. It reduces the price of the software from $20 to $10. Bargain! The offer is valid for 30 days…. Read more »

I’m Waiting…

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I’m waiting for the next generation of photo sharing sites. I ended my quest a few months ago because each of the sites I reviewed had features I liked but they lacked at least a few I am interested in. I ended up “settling” for Flickr. Flickr is great photo sharing site. It seems to… Read more »

Get Rid of Your Resume

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Over the last few months, I have learned that one of the best people to get career advice from is Seth Godin. I have a few posts in the hopper that I will finish up and get posted within the next few days. Except I saw a post he did today on how resumes will… Read more »

Private RSS Feeds

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For quite a while now, I’ve been looking and thinking about how a password protected feed could be accomplished. This seems to be quite a problem. One that does not have a solution yet. Why would somebody want an authenticated RSS feed? I personally would like one for a private blog that I have. Other… Read more »