New User Approve WordPress Plugin

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Finally I am getting around to releasing some plugins I have created for WordPress. The first one is the New User Approve plugin. New User Approve is a WordPress plugin that allows a blog administrator to approve a user before they are able to access and login to the blog. I currently use it on… Read more »

First Release of my Picklewagon WordPress Theme

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I’ve spent the last few nights getting my Picklewagon WordPress Theme ready for release. The reason why I am releasing it is because that is what WordPress is all about. Everybody releases plugins and themes they have worked on and contributes to the community. Perhaps somebody out there would like to use it. I have… Read more »

Following Your LinkedIn Network

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LinkedIn has been adding lots of new features over the past year. The one that has proven the most useful to me has been the RSS feed allows you to follow updates to your professional network. It is a convenient way to follow any changes made to anybody’s profile that belongs to your network. Something… Read more »

BrickCon 2008

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This weekend I dragged my family to BrickCon 2008 in Seattle. I was very excited to go and it was very good for the most part. Some of the exhibits were amazing. There was everything from very tall space needle to some awesome medieval scenes. I was hoping there would be some Star Wars Lego… Read more »

Apple Drops the NDA for iPhone Development

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My latest project involves writing a program for the iPhone. And I kept on getting caught up on the fact that I can’t share anything about the code I am writing. Or I can’t go to an online community to get help or some pointers to make myself a better programmer. I was excited to… Read more »

Open Business Models

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The past few days I have been thinking about the business models of companies that produce different products that I own and use often. At the same time, I can’t help but think of how much better these products would be if these companies changed their business model to be more open. I love open… Read more »

A New iPhone From The Genius Bar

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My last two posts have been about my iPhone and how I have a dead strip on it. I promise this will be my last update. It actually turned out well. I received lots of helpful comments that gave me other options. One in particular was very helpful.  An anonymous commenter mentioned that he went… Read more »

Update: iPhone Dead Spot

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So I called Apple support today to ask if they can do anything to fix my iPhone. After waiting on the line for 45 minutes, I finally got some help. After getting asked the regular questions and if I had done a restore on the phone, they said my phone’s warranty expired a month ago…. Read more »

Dead Spots On My iPhone

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Until recently, I have loved using my iPhone. It has been a great device for surfing the internet and other activities, such as getting directions or getting quick stock quotes. The performance of the phone has been not too good. But now I am experiencing a dead spot on the touch screen. After doing a… Read more »