Email: josh (at) picklewagon (dot) com
Twitter: @joshh

selfI am a web developer who specializes in advanced WordPress sites. Currently, I work for OveractDev, a web development agency in St. George, UT. I have recently worked as a freelance web developer, as well as top WordPress agencies such as 10up and 9seeds.

When I started freelancing over 4 ago, I did some work that didn’t involve WordPress. I quickly made a decision to only work with WordPress because of its ability to customize while retaining its power as a great framework to run many websites, not just personal blogs. I love to take WordPress and do things that others never would have thought possible. The community behind WordPress makes it a very enjoyable platform to use. Making that decision early proved to be a very good decision.

I do whatever I can to help the WordPress community wherever I am. In 2009, I was a primary organizer for WordCamp Seattle. After taking some time off from that role, a group of us made an even better event for 2011. I also played an influential role in starting the Seattle WordPress Meetup group. The organizers in Seattle have continued to grow one of largest WordPress communities in the world. Currently, I am working on getting the St George WordPress Meetup group going.

DSCF2308In 2011, I took a role on an advisory committee for an open source CMS program at the University of Washington. In March of 2011, I finished teaching a 10-week course on WordPress as part of that program. Lots was learned as I taught some great people.

I have been programming since 2000 when I moved from stocking shelves at Albertsons to programming point-of-sales in the corporate office. After developing web sites as a hobby, I decided to pursue that as a career. That brought me up to the Seattle area. Since then, I have worked for startups and established companies such as Clearwire.

I currently live with my family in St. George, UT. I am a passionate BYU and Utah Jazz fan and love to play Lego with my kids.