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In an attempt to offer better support for the New User Approve plugin, I have recently created a new site – Not a lot of content is yet available but it is slowly getting added. The idea is to just start adding documentation, a mailing list, announcements, etc.

Soon enough, I’ll be making some addons available for the plugin as well. Lots of users have requested a way to modify the settings. I’ve got an options addon in the works also.

In any case, the biggest thing I want to accomplish is better support for the plugin. I have some lingering issues that I need to add to the plugin and am trying to find the time to do so:

  • More reliable email support
  • Multisite support
  • Buddypress support
  • Handling the password issue better

I invite you to check out the site. Join the mailing list. Support has already improved. We’ll see what happens when more content is added to and how support improve it even more.

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