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Last night I took some time to make some minor updates to my Yahoo Boss plugin. No features were added – just fixed a few bugs and cleaned it up some.

Here is a list of the changes:

  • Options page has been cleaned up with a sidebar for meta information with links for support, donations, etc. Any of these widgets can be hidden using the screen options found on most pages in wp-admin. Also, descriptions for each field have been added.
  • I was using only Curl to make the BOSS API call. This has been changed to use the WP_Http class instead which will use other means to make the call if Curl is not installed on the host.
  • Added a nonce on the form update for better security
  • Removed the deprecated level 10 when initializing the options page and replaced it the manage_options permission.
  • Added localization.

There are so many features to add to this plugin. But the project I created this for was put on hold no it hasn’t seen further development. I’m interested in knowing which features you would like added or have already added.

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