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At WordCamp Seattle on September 26, I gave a presentation on wp-config Tips and Tricks. It was in an Ignite format. 20 slides. 15 seconds each.

When I came up with the topic for the presentation, I knew it would be a teaser. In 5 minutes, you cannot present a lot of details. The goal was, however, to give an idea of what can be done – to peak the curiosity of those who have dealt with the wp-config file.

Ever since I learned what can be done with the wp-config file it has simplified how I deal with WordPress significantly. Combining these tips and tricks with things such as SVN and the .htaccess files will simplify it even more.

Currently, I am planning a series of posts that will get into more detail of what can be done with the wp-config file. There are some great sites out there that have already written on the topic. To be fair, this topic could be better covered in an hour presentation, with better code samples and demos.

Please let me know if you have any questions or which topics I should go into more detail.

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