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I have bene very happy with the progress WordPress is making with its releases. They are adding a lot of good features fairly quickly. With all of the changes on the backend, the theming changes added to 2.7 haven’t received a lot of attention.

The changes that have been added:

  • Threaded Comments
  • Post Classes
  • Sticky Posts

I also fixed a few minor bugs. Also, if your blog is using 2.7, you will automatically have your comments upgraded to use threaded comments. Otherwise, your blog will continue to have regular comments. I have seen some themes have an option to turn on threaded comments. If this is a wanted feature, I would be happy to add it.

Currently, I am working on a few projects and have been looking at a lot of themes. Not very many themes have added 2.7 support yet. I was surprised. Hopefully, theme developers can find time to add these features so that WordPress users can enjoy the new functionality.

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