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Finally I am getting around to releasing some plugins I have created for WordPress. The first one is the New User Approve plugin.

New User Approve is a WordPress plugin that allows a blog administrator to approve a user before they are able to access and login to the blog. I currently use it on my private blog and it serves it’s purpose wonderfully.

I have created a page on my blog that I will track any progress I make on it. I wanted to release it to the public to find out what everybody thinks and perhaps which new features to add. That and it most likely is not perfect so I would like input on how I can improve it.

I’m going to put it up on the WordPress plugin repository. There are a few things I need to add to make that possible.

Update: No more comments will be allowed. If you are having issues with the New User Approve plugin, please post in the New User Approve forums on

50 Responses to “New User Approve WordPress Plugin”

  1. azha

    i need a plugin for user registration like above said

    once a new user registers, the user is created in
    the database. Then an email is sent to the new user with their login

    please could anyone specify the plugin names?

  2. Djuka

    When I try to register, after click button “Register”, I don’t get message (“Registration successful.”
    “An email has been sent to the site administrator. The administrator will review the information that has been submitted and either approve or deny your request.”) that I have successful registration, just loading image looping, but I have registered, but on the screen missing this info about successful registration…

  3. Paul

    Is this plugin compatible with version 3.2.1? I’ve installed and activated it, but new users that register seem to be immediately approved (they appear in the Users list straight away).

    Nothing appears under the ‘Users Pending Approval’ tab.

  4. ivan

    An integration with “New User Email” plugin would be great! Or additional setup of the messages to the new subscribes (with templates).
    I also don’t receive the messages saying that the administrator will approve/deny the request for a new user.


  5. Ryan

    I use Gravityforms to register new users and they seem to bypass the pending stage and are already approved users. Any workaround for this?

  6. vonichi

    this would be so awesome, unfortunately the registered users can still login even if they are not approved by the admin. is there anything i miss or anything to configure?
    thanks a lot for your help.

  7. Patrick R McCarty

    Hi, I really appreciate this plugin – but I am wondering if it’s possible to replace the auto assigned password and allow the user to select their own.

    I am also using CIMY Extra User’s field. I can, in theory, use that to allow the perons to choose a password – can I then disable the auto assign password in the new Users Approve plugin?

    Any help you can provide would be great. Thank you!

  8. Rick

    Exactly what we’re looking for but does not work. New users receives email to activate account without any action by the administrator. Does the plugin support buddypress?

  9. Rob

    I love this plugin, thank you. I wonder if it could benefit from a WP Dashboard widget to notify me when a new registration has been requested? Or does this exist already?

    Great stuff either way!

  10. Cris

    Pehaps it is a conflict with othe plugins, but for some reason, if I deny a user, that user still appears as a subscriber, and I have to go and delete them manually. I’m having difficulty dealing with registration spam, so this gets tedious. I’m going to try a captcha, since the honey pot plugin doesn’t do much.

  11. Jacob

    Great plugin. Would be good to have a tick box to make it faster to approve/deny several people at once as someone else mentions. Even better would be to have an option to delete users (rather than just deny them). I get five or six spammers registering every day (despite recaptcha) and i don’t want the database of users to keep growing.

  12. Patrick R McCarty

    Hi, I am finding that even if I deny the user, they are still able to log in with the username and password. Is this a bug that is easily addressed?


  13. TulsaWeb

    Thanks for a great plugin. I’d love to use it, but it breaks “Login with AJAX”, which in this case is already in place. I suppose because the user isn’t approved, LwAJAX can’t cope. When I try to register, it just spins, waiting for a response. The error is something about an invalid token.

    I’ll keep looking…..

  14. Chuck Thompson

    Hi. I’m running the latest version of multisite and using version 1.26 of your plugin. It is working fine and is really appreciated. It does just what I need – with one exception. I am the only one (Super Admin) who can see it and consequently the only one who can approve new users. Is there something I can do so that people with other roles (like site admin) can approve new users? I’m not a coder so if it involves changing code please be very specific. Thank you.

  15. Trish

    Just installed your “New User Approve” plugin. Love the concept, will help eliminate all those spam user signups. Problem is, I’ve activated it but it’s not working. I set up 3 new accts myself and none of them triggers an email requesting moderation.

    After each of those registrations I received an email from the WP installation with a link inside to activate my acct.

    I’m using the plugin with the BuddyPress. Theme. If you have any idea what my problem could be, please let me know.

    Thanks Josh!


  16. Trish

    The website is: We’ve purchased, installed and configured the BuddyPress Community theme. At this point we’ve spent more time deleting spam user accts and spam groups and forums that we’re almost ready to chuck the theme.

    I’ve tried resourcing plugins that would add moderation to new user accts. The first one I tried was new-user-approve.1.2.6. It’s installed & activated. Have set up 5 new users to test. Not one of them set an email to me to let me know they need moderating.

    What’s more, none of the new users are in the “pending” area, they’re all in the “approved” area.

    Any suggestions? I need to get this resolved as today we found spam users and groups that we porn related.


    Trish Robichaud

    • Chuck Thompson

      Apparently this plugin is not supported here or at the WordPress forum. I’ve been asking for help for weeks with no response in either place. If you find a usable alternative, would you please let me know? Thanks.

  17. Chuck Thompson

    I’m using the plugin on the latest version of WordPress Multisite. I works perfectly – except for one thing. The only role which can see it on the admin panel is Super Admin. I need it to be seen/used by the site Administrator role. I’m not a coder. I don’t see anyplace to set the role for administration. Is there something I can do to change it? Thanks

  18. Jason

    I can’t seem to find out how to make this available to a user with Editor permissions.

    I would like my client to be able to approve or deny users for his site that I’ve built for him without giving him admin permissions. I installed the Members plugin, but couldn’t see any hooks to give the editor role permissions to this. Am I missing something?

    Any help would be great.
    (also is there a way that the editor can’t deny me (the admin)?)


  19. Namejs

    Hi there. Love your plugin. It’s what keeps my website usable and sane. What would be nice, though, would be some sort of radio button or something with the option to delete a user when denying their membership. What do you think?


  20. Florian

    Thanks for this great plugin – currently it works fine with 3.3, though I couldn’t really test it extensively yet. But I will next year …

    I’m a new user to WP and I cannot fathom why WP doesn’ t offer this out of the box, since I think for private blogs (for family & friends) it’s a basic need …

    After reading through the posts here, I see somebody else already asked for automatic deletion of denied users. I think this would be a good idea, as the denied users cannot be distinguished from the approved users in the normal view of the “All Users” list, and therefore this clutters up the user management …

    Sadly I’m a stupid user only and not a programmer, but even so I would recommend this feature as a setting for future releases.

    Thanks again for your work, have a nice holiday and a happy new year !

  21. Hans

    I have tried it with WordPress 3.3 and so far the plugin works. Just in case you want to update the WordPress Plugin database as it states there, that it hasn’t been tested in this version.

  22. Alexander

    Hy 🙂 ,

    I am wondering how I can change the “From-Field” of the E-Mail sent to the user when approved in the back-end? At the Moment there is WordPress .
    Could you tell me how I can change this to my needs. Would be great!

    Ciao Alex

  23. vh

    Unapproved and pending users have access to the site/dashboard. This plugin would be very helpful. Admin element looks great! Not sure why this function is not a default element of WP.

    WP 3.3.1 / v1.2.6 / FF.

  24. J. Finkhousen

    I’ve got the User Access Manager plugin installed. I don’t want to have to input new user info and would like them to register on their own and the admin will then approve it. I want to block entire site content until login. Will your plugin work with UAM?

  25. Chip

    I’ve installed the plug in and it seems to work as promised. Thanks!

    Unfortunately, I can’t tell the spammers from the legitimate users without some additional information. I see above, where you (Josh) say that no additional fields can be added to the registration form. That would be optimal, as the new user could include a short note which would help me determine their legitimacy.

    Does anyone have any other ideas for making such a determination without prior contact with or knowledge of the legit users?


  26. Jeff C

    Great plugin! My question is , how do I edit the approval email that is sent?
    I don’t want my I just want my site name .
    Is this possible?

  27. jyo

    Is there a similar plugin for Buddypress registration ?? Please help! Required Urgently!

  28. amr

    I got this error when tried to use your plugin
    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 64 bytes) in /home/isgegyp1/public_html/ on line 567

    any help??

  29. endys

    Great Plugin,
    thanx for your work, but I have one negative feedback.
    I’ve problem, when I try to use it with re-captcha plugin. If this module is instalated, your modul ignores it and send email to admin without check captcha controls.

    Is there a way to change it?
    Thank you.

  30. Mike

    How can I fix the lost password link on login. This plugin seems to deactivate that option for users… when clicking lost password they are taken right back to login page.

    Help please…

  31. Marco

    Does it work with WordPress 3.3.1? Since it is the only plugin of its type, it would be so sad if it wouldn’t be maintained anymore. 🙁

  32. Josh

    It doesnt work with wordpress 3.3.1?

    My new registrations just have access straight away?

  33. Max

    New registers go directly to approve list. Niether party gets email.
    Admin doesn’t get emails asking for approval.

    Mail is working though because, when I deny the user, they get an email saying “denied”.

    Thanks for the help,


  34. tony lee

    i have your plug in with s2member. it had been working this past year but all of the sudden, new users don’t need to be approved before entering the site. previously i had to approve users beforehand.

  35. greencap

    Hi Josh,

    For the problem of approval mail being sent twice to the new users, I’ve found that the problem only occurs if admin approves using firefox browser. No problem with IE-9, and chrome.

    You may test it on firefox and other browsers (opera, safari, which i did not test), and add a fix for that in future release.

    Thanks for the wornderful plugin.

  36. Matthew Baya

    Does this work with multisite? I really need something like this for a multisite installation.

  37. Manu

    I liked the Plugin best of all the approve new users plugins, but is has one major flaw: the welcome message exposes the potentially private blog title to the public.
    This can be fixed easily, but makes updating the plugin annoying.

    For now I stuck with one of the alternatives – it would be great if this privacy flaw got fixed or even replaced by customization options for all the texts.

  38. rey

    Hi Josh,

    I accidentally denied the admin user, what will I do? I cant access the dashboard panel.

    Please help.


  39. Ryan

    What about changing the email back to the users with a return URL that returns them specifically to the page they originally signed up from?

  40. Serge

    Thanks for great plugin!
    I use wordpress 3.3.1. After registration admin received email. After aproove or deny users don’t received messages.
    Where i can dig in?

  41. Carla

    I’m looking for a plugin to register new users, but not for wordpress users.
    It’s for new visitors that have to be register to buy online.
    Can anyone help me?

  42. glenndm

    What must be done to get the approve plugin to work in conjunction with the cimy extra fields plugin?
    I activated both of them, but it seems cimy plugin bypasses the approval plugin?

    When a new user registers, he get sent a confirmation email. when he clicks the confimation link, the user account is activated without having shown up in the pending approval section.

    On its own (with cimy deactivated), the approval plugin seems to work as intended.

    WP 3.3.2; cimy extra fields 2.37, new user approve 1.2.6