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I’ve spent the last few nights getting my Picklewagon WordPress Theme ready for release. The reason why I am releasing it is because that is what WordPress is all about. Everybody releases plugins and themes they have worked on and contributes to the community. Perhaps somebody out there would like to use it.

I have submitted it to the wordpress theme directory. I will let you all know when it does get approved.

I built the theme on top of what I believe is the best theme available for WordPress: Sandbox. But the downside of Sandbox is it’s just a plain template. So I used to add styling to all the template files. That way my theme inherits all of the benefits that the Sandbox theme provides.

Another reason I created my own theme is that I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted out there. Now I have one that I can take to where I think a WordPress theme should be. I have lots of cool ideas that I would like to add to the theme, such as an option panel that will allow an admin to easily change the layout, for example.

The most immediate changes that I will be making to it will be providing 2.7 support.

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