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It’s been a while since I last posted anything. Sometimes I need a break from blogging. I have lots of stuff that I want to blog about after some time away.

The other day I was cleaning up my email inbox. Last week I heard a wonderful talk while I was working and listening to some podcasts. Merlin Mann gave a great presentation at Google on July 23rd. He called it Inbox Zero. I admit I don’t have a huge email problem but it gets annoying to keep your email organized. He gave some great pointers on what you need to do. The main point I took away from it is to keep you inbox clean at all times. Thus, the cleanup of my email.

I use Gmail as my mail client but have many email addresses going into the same inbox. That has been the best thing about Gmail for me.

While I was cleaning up my inbox, I noticed I had not received a Google Alert email in a while. I subscribe to some alerts to find out when anything is said on the internet on a few topics. After doing some research, I noticed that Gmail (a Google product) was marking the Google Alert emails as spam. I found that quite funny. Now that my alerts are fixed, I can find out once again when somebody says something about me. Did you know that there is a Josh Harrison that is a freshman offensive lineman for San Jose St? I wouldn’t have ever known that without those emails.

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