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My buddy Shane and I were coming home from work yesterday and we were listening to sports radio. Upon hearing the news of Gary Crowton leaving Oregon for LSU, we both chuckled. After a hard day of work, it always great to hear news like this.

It looks like Crowton is following my advice by getting out of Eugene. He needs to make sure to stay at LSU for only one year. Most likely he won’t. I want LSU fans to know why Gary Crowton is going to cause you pain when he stays more than one year.

First of all, let me preface these comments by saying that Gary Crowton is a great person. I’m sure he is a great husband/father. But because of what he did to BYU football, just thinking of his tenure here in Provo makes me cringe.

The news of Crowton’s hiring is circulating around the internet. LSU fans are gitty about this hire. Here are a few for you to enjoy:

Not many agree with me that this will be a bad hire. It looks like David James and I are in agreement.

Let me explain why I think this will be a bad hire.

Crowton runs a version of the spread offense. When he gets a new job, his first year has been great. Let the stats explain.
Chicago Bears

1999: Bears record was 6-10. Their offense scored 272 points (17/game), 7th worst in the NFL. 31 TDs, 7th worst in NFL (source). Leading passer: Shane Matthews

2000: Bears record was 5-11. Their offense scored 214 points (13.4/game), 4th worst in the NFL. 22 TDs, 3rd worst in the NFL (source). (The thing that you want to do from an offensive standpoint is you want to score points.) Leading passer: Cade McNown

It’s safe to say that he didn’t have the greatest quarterbacks to run his offense. Get this though. In 2001, the Bears went 13-3 with Jim Miller as the quarterback. They scored 338 points (21.1/game), good enough for 11th in the NFL.


2001: BYU went 12-2. They scored an amazing 608 points (46.8/game). Luke Staley was the leading rusher in the nation. However they got killed in their last two games. Everybody loved Crowton as head coach. What a great season! But it was a terrible watching them get killed by Hawaii and Louisville. Coincidentally, Luke Staley was injured in the two games BYU lost.

2002: Their record was 5-7. BYU’s first losing season in 30 years. They scored 272 points (22.7/game).

2003: BYU went 4-8. They scored 196 points (16.3/game). They didn’t score a point in the game versus Utah, the first time they went scoreless in a game in my lifetime.

2004: BYU went 5-6. They 267 points (24.3/game).

BYU went from scoring 608 points in 2001 to a low of 196 points in 2003! This was against average teams in the Mountain West Conference. He was the head coach and offensive coordinator at BYU.


2005: Oregon went 10-2. They scored 414 points (34.5/game).

2006: Oregon went 7-6, losing their last 4. They scored 383 points (29.5/game).

There you have it. The only year he improved upon his previous year while at the same program was 2004. BYU couldn’t have gotten any worse after a terrible year in 2003.

The truth is Gary Crowton has a good offense. But smart teams are going to figure it out. Guess who was coaching Utah when BYU went scoreless in 2003-Urban Meyer. Most of the coaches in the SEC are almost as smart as Urban and they will shut down LSU’s offense. LSU has great athletes and he will find a way to make them look bad.

The Las Vegas Bowl was a great game this year. For most fans, I am sure it was a boring game. BYU almost shut out Oregon and won the game 38-8. Watching Oregon play brought back bitter memories of when Crowton was at BYU. They looked clueless out there. BYU’s secondary was injured. They didn’t have most of their best players playing because of injuries. Crowton failed to take advantage of his highly athletic receivers. Instead he was worrying about which quarterback to play on which down.

Be ready for an undisciplined offense that fails to make any adjustments-during the game or season.

LSU will probably have a great year with their athletes. They will score a lot of points. But don’t expect them to stay that way. Not with Crowton as the offensive coordinator. The numbers don’t lie.

90 Responses to “LSU Fans Will Suffer Because of Gary Crowton”

  1. Jerry

    Josh, Thanks for your comments about Crowton, but I think we at LSU will do just fine. You point out that Oregon went from scoring 34.5 points a game in 2005 to 29.5 points in 2006. If we average that many points, we won’t lose a game!!


    • Marc Cumbie

      We finally got rid of Crowton, you warned us and it happened now Maryland needs to know!!!!

  2. Josh

    I have been unable to find stats from Louisiana Tech. If anybody knows where I can find them, please point me to where they are.

  3. Lance Nelson

    LSU doesn’t seem to be suffering too much today, January 7, 2008. The offense looked pretty last night.

  4. Josh

    You’re right Lance. LSU looked great last night. I mentioned they would do well this year. It would be nice to see them up against USC though. Now about halfway through next season you will see LSU start losing games, if history repeats itself.

  5. Dane

    Yeah, Crowton seriously hurt LSU, hurt them so bad they ended up in a National Championship with all kinds of broken school records and a nice big shiny Championship ring to go with it. Something neither you, nor your precious BYU will ever see the likes of again (other than that fluke in the 80’s) But yeah good call, bringing you’re gilded bias to the bat and hitting it way off.

    You truly are a visionary.

  6. Josh Harrison

    Dane, you sound kind of like I did after Crowton’s first year at BYU. If you read the post more carefully, you will notice that I did say that they would do great the first year. Only time will tell if my theory is right. The country will start hearing LSU fans complain about their offense by the end of year.

  7. David

    As an Oregon fan I can say the biggest problem that I had with Crowton was his inability to design plays to get to the playmakers on the team. He had a set group of plays he liked to call, and he would call them no matter what. He couldn’t seem to recognize a players strength, and adjust his play calling to match. That in my opinion is huge in college football because you are dealing with young players who are continuously growing and changing from the time you sign them to the time they leave your program.

  8. Phil

    Just wait till Gary has to develop his own QB, you LSU fans will forget that national championship faster than you can say “3 years of rebuilding”

  9. ex coug

    Just a thought. I played for Gary his first year and we dominated until the main part of our offense broke his leg. Nobody wins in Hawaii. I went on my mission and came home and we sucked. Because of Gary? No the legend on his way out didn’t recruit anyone decent. It takes 4 years until you can see recruiting results at BYU. I played for Bronco his first season and his second and we sucked the first and did well the second. Why cause Gary’s recruits were good. Gary is a great coach, a great guy and I am ashamed people like you think you know anything about football. People hate BYU because of people like you. Why do you have to say anything about him? Do you feel better dogging on a man who won a national championship and just beat Auburn last night? Maybe you are so smart you deserve to pass judgment. Oh ya thats why you are on ESPN and this page is so popular. I am not a member of your church but shame on you becuase you make them look bad. He is of your faith and doing great things and all you can say is crap. Get a life.

  10. john

    GaRY Crowton will always be remembered! who would want to coach a sorry BYU team anyways! He came here for Ya’ll! not by choice!! but keep your gossip up! He will just rub it in your face ! just watch Mr. Josh nice shirt by the way and your more bald then Crowton lol! Your just jealous your not half the man he is! you crack us all up!

  11. barb

    I have been saying that LSU is struggling this year because of the play calling. I truly believe that Crowton is not the man for our tigers…Its nothing against him personally, but there is a lot of talent on the team and it is not being utilized. I don’t know if he’s only able to coach to a certain type of player, but a good coach has to work with the differences of his players and pull them together as a unit..lsu’s offense this year is struggling for cohesion. And its a shame, because the defense has found itself and is playing outstanding. Hopefully for more than Chavis’s first year

  12. Mike

    Ya know, it’s funny. I was looking for a way to vent my frustration and came across this page. After pulling my hair out for the first five games of this season, I’ve reached my maximum overload! LSU’s last two games of play calling have been very offensive to watch, pardon the pun! First off, I’ve seen middle school teams run the option better than Jordan Jefferson, so scrap it! Secondly, when you only need a yard don’t run eight yards back to hand the ball off. Now, you need nine yards gained for a first down. As far as in-game adjustment, it’s non-existent! You were right, Josh, I have suffered watching Crowton’s offense!

  13. Brad Nolan

    Josh, Josh, you are a prophet. I forwarded your email to the LSU Athletic Department. I am an Alum from 1989, and have been an LSU fan for 30 years. I have never seen an offensive corp as talented as the one we have today. Yet, Gary Crowton makes them look foolish. LSU had should have easily beaten Florid and blown away Georgia. Yet, the offense seems to have no game plan, no consistency, expect for running plays that don’t work over and over again. One thing we know for sure; if Gary Crowton finds a play that doesn’t work, he sticks with it. Ouch. Josh you are right, I have suffered watching Crowton’s offense. For the benefit of the program at LSU, he needs to step down before he ruins the college and potentially professional careers of more talented players at LSU.

  14. latiers

    I’ve been watching the tigers for years and in the last few I’ve always thought it was Les Miles making them play conservative. Last year it was Lee throwing picks left and right, this year Jefferson holds the ball too long, either throw it, run, or throw it away, but he’ll hold the ball for 10 seconds till guys are crushing around him and then he tries to sramble. They aren’t making adjustments at all. The same plays over and over. I had assumed they were holding Jefferson back, saving Shepard for Florida. I really expected to see Shepard run the ball a few times early so he could launch one deep later and catch Florida flat footed, that didn’t happen. Someone needs to coach these young men. I think the debacle with Lee and now Jefferson can be blamed squarly on the quarterbacks coach AND Crowton. The defense looked good, gave up yards but saved scores, except for the one touchdown that happened because of offensive pass interference that wasn’t flagged. If they don’t do something in a hurry they are going 7-5 again. They have massive talent probably more than anyone else in the country(except maybe Florida and USC). Jarrett Lee was a 4 STAR recruit and he’s the backup… a 4 star recruit. He could start at two dozen other schools and would probably be better off for it! I think for LSU it all comes down to, you can’t play scared and thats exactly what the coahes are doing, playing not to lose rather than playing to win. Auburn is up next and I wanna see LSU play balls to the walls, otherwise I’m on the bandwagon that its time for some serious coaching changes.

  15. Mike


    I didn’t comment on this post when you wrote it. I think I was over the whole Crowton era in Chicago, but I think we talked about it on the phone. While I was reading this, I kept seeing those dreaded plays running thru my head. I actually swore remembering the WR screen play the Bears ran about 20 times a game that never seemed to gain any yards, we either lost yards or almost turned the ball over each time. I’m just glad this isn’t my problem anymore. GO BEARS!!

  16. Bill

    I laughed when you first wrote this article and I read it almost two years ago. I was at the Florida game last night and I was crying after the pathetic offensive showing. As I was walking to my car my reading this article suddenly burst into my mind and I realized you were dead on. Time to make a change on the offensive side and it that isnt done it may be time to start thinking about a replacement for the head man.

  17. virgil xenophon

    As a ’66 grad of LSU last night made me sick. All the commentators who point out the uneven and limited play selection are right. It’s almost as bad and predictable as the worst of “Charlie Mac” in the 60s & 70s. And as all say, far,far too much talent for the anemic point production.

    They can’t run and won’t pass–the worst of all worlds. And you can’t limit the QB to short passes to keep things “safe” or you’ll be looking at eight men in the box all night and you’ll NEVER be able to run. Far better to air it out for a 70 yarder occasionally even if there is no one to catch it just to give the defense something to think about.

  18. Ronald D. Carson

    This is like dejavu. These are the exact happenings now that are occuring. I can’t believe my eyes on what I am reading. I use to be all Crowton until the last few ballgames. Everyone was telling me, “What are we running the same plays, over and over.?” Now everything is coming into focus. How do we get rid of this idiot and Coach Studs who undoubtedly doesn’t know how to improve our offensive line, or even what to do with them. Thanks again for this article. Ron.

  19. Kristy LSU Fan

    You are so right. So very right. Last year, LSU averaged 28.23 points per game. So far this year, 23 (and that average is sure to keep going down in the second half of the season). Other teams have watched the film and they know what we’re going to do before the play is even called.

  20. Nicholas Mouton

    Wow this is down right scary because its so true. I’ve been a LSU fan all my life, but I’m tired of seeing this option play run with Jefferson that never works. Watching LSU’s offense against Florida just made me cringe because we looked so anemic. I can’t stand everytime we go to take a snap everyone looks at the sideline. It pisses me off that anyone could be so stupid.

  21. pdarcey

    Josh, is your last name Prophet by chance? Gary Crowton couldn’t coach a rock to stand still ! His game plan, gametime adjustments ,and the overall offensive menu not only lacks creativity, but common sense. Yet he just recieved a $50,000 raise. Obviously not based on job performance.He better hope he never loses the pictures he has of Alevia w/ a goat!! As I agree that Crowton is the offensive problem,my distaste includes the “Hat”. He is the leader, and responsible for the team and coaches. Crowton works for him,correct? Then what has the” Hat” been watching when we have the ball? Any manager worth his salt will sit his subordinates down when the ship is listing and make the necessary adjustment, before it sinks! Either Les is as inadequate as Crowton in making the adjustments, or he likes being in the water. Unfortunately for him it is the “hot water”!

  22. Ellis Hugh

    Let the Board of Supervisors know how much you appreciate the extra 50K they gave Crowton. Contact the chair at:
    Blake Chatelain

  23. Kirk McGowan

    I’ve never been one to call for the ousting of a Coach, primarily because the Coaching Staff directly knows what is going on within the team, they are best able to evaluate the talents of each player and they are the Professionals. However, I have been complaining about Crowton’s lack of creativity and poor play calling for 2 years and its now time for Coach Crowton to actively seek other opportunities and best for LSU to endorse his search. If Crowton stays on, I fear that LSU will continue to struggle and no school in the country will recruit him; eventually leading to his firing.
    C’mon, Gary do the right thing!!

  24. franko225

    “Crowton’s offense has been No. 12 out of 12 Southeastern Conference teams most of the season and is now 109th out of 120 upper division schools in the nation with 295 yards a game.”

    To whomever started this thread if you have not bought a lottery ticket yet in your home state I suggest you leave now and make that purchase.


  25. R

    This may a blessing in disguise. Once we lose a few games this year; even the “hat” lovers will have to aknowledge how our coaching staff has neglected to use the talented this team has in a useful way. Well….wishful thinking.

  26. Alex-Shreveport

    Wow, heads on. Was pointed to this site from

    Absolutely correct.

  27. Jake

    Ben-Zachary, I completely agree with you. Something needs to happen before high school kids start going other places.

  28. Me

    Three years ago I worked on project with a brother of a BYU assistant coach, can’t remember his name, but he told me the exact same thing. In three years or so Crowton would be exposed. I said BYU never had the talent found at LSU, and he said that didn’t matter because there are so many times you can run a play. I said Crowton would be able to adjust with great talent to keep things fresh. Again he said it didn’t matter because Crowton will not adjust. So far he and J. Harrison are batting 1.000. Is LSU suffering from lack of talent, lack of experience, or lack of adjustment? I don’t know, but I do know whatever is being played is not working.

  29. jwzg

    I have seen more illegal formations and botched time management from this team in one year than I saw in four years of Mike Shula (ouch). I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for LSU as long as they aren’t playing Bama. That said, this is as poor of a coaching job as I’ve ever seen. Just don’t come after Saban as a replacement 🙂

  30. Brian Simmons

    Crowton had Flynn and Hester back in ’07, they carried the offense, now that Crowton’s full philosphy is in play will take a machine like Hester to make it produce. I believe could pull a play out of hat and be more productive than his play calling! Have this kind of talent and look like a 5th string offense? He is got to go and if Miles don’t get rid of him he needs to go also.

  31. Robert

    Now I understand; the play calling will never get better, how sad. Never has one man done so little, with so much.

  32. Bryan

    Josh, wow, you hit the nail on the head, and predicted the future of LSU’s offense back in ’07. Hat’s off to you. Our offensive scheme is so one dimensional, it’s not even funny. How many times is he going to call the QB option play that NEVER goes anywhere. I’m surprised we have won the games we have this year with this offense. He’s got all the talent he could ever want and can’t do anything with it.

  33. Brian Simmons

    Now I just learn that Crowton and Studrawa got a raise last week! Where is the thinking, reward someone for this offense? What has won the games so far is nothing but per talent with no coaching or direction. Coach Miles if you somehow see all of these fine people voice their opinions, better listen to all of us carefully. You can be at LSU along time if you want to, but you are the head man and you are going to have to get this mess straighten out or you will not be head coach very long! As an ex coach I feel for you but their comes a time when you have to make the right call.

  34. Neil Hohmann

    Guys, LSU has some talent, but just not as much as they’ve had in the past. Those lineman suck and are weakly overrated. The QB is not smart and basically a dog on a short leash! All of the stud defensive lineman are gone. Plus, they’re a dumb team. Intercept a ball on 4th down when they could save 40 yards by batting it down; try to pick up a poorly snapped ball on a batched punt when you could kick it for a safety; line up offsides three times in one quarter when the reff told your islamic black ass not to!!! Just dumb – not football smart.

  35. Allen Herring

    WOW!! This is amazing and I’m just blown away by how accurate the article is from two years ago. LSU has massive talent and its all being squandered.
    As a footnote to this article I’d like to mention one other thing. The majority of LSU’s home games are at night and the tailgating starts early. We drink all day long leading up to the game. You know the offensive play calling is bad when you and all the other drunk coonass’s around you already know what the play is before they run it.

  36. Brian Simmons

    Amen Allen! kudos, bubble pass to left lose 5 yards, bubble pass to right lose 7 yards, sheperd run wild cat, except in last game. Pass in Flat for 5 yards needing 10 yards for a first down, maybe see Williams run the ball, we placing bets if he in game or not, Scott touches the ball more than 7 times maybe this may be the only thing we don’t know. Thank God for our Defense. Drink another 6-pack, we start talking and acting like we did in the 90’s, oh we say maybe next year! At least the Saints doing good, I predict now we will be in the Super Bowl!

  37. The Game Warden

    I am an expert in the realm of seeing squandered talent by incompitant coaches. I live in new Orleans and saw the saints until recently piss away more talent than any other organization in competative football. I never thought it would happen to my beloved Tigers. Boy was i wrong. Real football in the ncaa is no EA sports video game I understand this. That being said. I am willing to offer my services as the offensive coordinator for LSU for the remainder of the year. Crowton is not vanilla. That would be an improvement. Vanilla is consitent and true. It’s tried, tested, and proved to be on of the top three flavors of ice cream in history. I can’t really make an analogy for Crowton. It’s mindboggling how someone could be so ineffective and yet still being paid as if he is producing a winning product. Crowton(and for that matter, Miles road to the NCAA BCS nat’l x-ship on the coattails of Saban and Pelini’s hard work. Les Miles may have some value as far as a coach. In my opinion he is resting on the championship that he was handed when he came here. When you inherit a finely tuned German sports car with showroom mileage you expect it to run decently without maintinance for at least a year or two. LSU should have been undefeated that year without a doubt. Enough about “Less than advertised” Miles. Crowton has got to go. No excuses. I would bet my life on the fact that I use the talent that LSU has on offense and score 20 to 27pts against any team in the nation. LSU fans need to stop drinking the cool-aid. Miles sucks!!!!! Crowton blows!!!!!! I know we as a nation have been programed to be chearleaders for our chosen leaders. Never more evident that now,,,,but i digress. If you are a true fan of LSU Football,,,,,WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!. Don’t just cheer for cheer sake. WE deserve more as fans. More importantly, those young athletes who are getting fooled into going to LSU deserve a better set of coaches for their lifetimes of hard work and dedication. Its time for real LSU fans to get LOUD. I’m not talking about on saturday nights in death valley. lets upset this parade of retardation before we see a talent and championship drough that spans past 2020

  38. Lunchtime

    It is time to go get Gruden, Charlie Strong or Spurrier. Les would make a great offensive line coach for them. And Crowton can tote wires on the sideline

  39. steve

    dude this article is so crazy. You basically told the future. His first year we won a national championship. Then next year and this year or offense has been shut down. Your right the defenses are prepared and know exactly what crowton is going to do. Definately needs to get fired.

  40. Brian Simmons

    I still say even after last game against Auburn, I only saw one different play that Les said would be allot of different plays, was a post pass play. The calling got bad again in the second half, we should have beaten Auburn by 50 or more. How did you like the very first play he called for Lee, look familiar, and it just was a split second of being intercepted back for a touchdown, Crowton hasn’t learned and will not learn.

  41. Josh ED

    Dude, who are you……you must be related to Freakin Nastrodamus! Crowton is a joke! Great write up!

  42. sad tiger

    “undisciplined offense” “clueless” … You have written the book for our season.

  43. GTABIgOne4U

    Nice article, and I can see the correlation you are trying to make. But get your facts straight.

    The Las Vegas Bowl for 2009 was played by Oregon St. Beavers vs BYU. Not Oregon (Ducks). They played Ohio State this year.

  44. Debeaux

    GTABIgONE4U : you do realize this article was written almost three years ago? And you jump on him about getting the facts straight. Now go re-read the article and tell me what you think

  45. Tiger Terrific 1

    Here are the facts about LSU’s offense under Crowton’s leadership:

    2007 – 541 points – 38.6/game average
    2008 – 402 points – 30.9/game average
    2009 – 323 points – 24.8/game average

    Crowton’s gotta go!

  46. Brian Simmons

    I personnally think the only way Crowton will go we will have to have a losing season. Don’t be surprise if some of the recruits start leaving. Sad thing will take a while to build the team back up, need change now before we go back to the 90’s!

  47. Guy Derbes

    Taking stats out of context is B.S.

    Fact, Crowton’s offense in 2007 did produce the LSU record for most points scored in history and a BCS Championship.

    Fact, the following two years have been bad with the points decreasing each year.

    However, with a fifth year QB in Matt Flynn who has gone on to become the second string QB for the Packers, Crowton’s offense produced record breaking points.

    And in the following year, with a redshirt QB with zero playing experience in reading SEC defenses, the offense sufferd as should be expected. Crowton’s major mistake was game plaining his offense with Lee as if this redshirt QB could read SEC defense. Lee was harmed by that season and Crowton and Miles are responsible.

    Fact, this year, Crowton has not made the same mistake with our virtual reshirt freshman QB Jefferson, but many of our fans are criticizing Crowton for doing the right thing this year. He has limited the passing game in order to cut down on the interceptions and this has helped guide LSU to a third place finish in the SEC–good job.

    If Crowton was smart, he should have resigned when Miles kikicked Perrilloux off the team. If he had, some other poor S.B. would be getting the shaft for ruining what Crowton had build at LSU.

  48. -b

    @Guy Derbes, not a bad defense of Crowton. But the issue in 2020 wasn’t just his choice to limit the passing game. It was the option to the short side of the field. It was the “check with me”. The personnel decisions at running back. The horrible attempts at zone blocking. Some of this blame falls on Larry Porter, but if you can’t open up holes, at least use your most explosive athletes instead of running into the lineman’s back for no gain. Fact of the matter is that 2009 team ran fewer plays per game than any D1 opponent because he’d call these drive killing idiotic plays. We were way to multiple. The offense had zero identity. I understand how badly he got screwed with Perilloux but our offense is loaded with talent. If he can’t give us a top 50 offense by the 3rd or 4th game, people will be pissed and rightfully so.

  49. Bill in Houston

    Crowton is horrible. LSU got shut out in the second half by a UNC team that had 20 players on suspension. We need to get rid of him ASAP.

  50. Adrian from Natchez

    Jesus Age Christ. The passing offense against Vandy and Mississippi State 96 yards and 97 yards respectively “LSU starting quarterback Jordan Jefferson only threw 16 passes and completed 10 for 97 yards. Jefferson only completed two passes downfield the entire game.” and this from Sports’s Stewart Mandel “It’s feeling a lot like 2009, with LSU winning games while ranking just 91st nationally in total offense…”

  51. Brannan

    WOW. Crowton is garbage and if Miles wants to keep him calling the offense then Miles need to leave with him. Great article though. If I would of read this 3 years ago I would of thought you were crazy.

  52. pghcs

    And so, here we are again with a debacle showing against TN, so the nation can see how an SEC team can be completely unprepared to finish the game because of the coaches incompetence. Same as last year in the Ole Miss game. Exactly the same confusion shown by LSU, but lucky because the Vols made a mistake, too, so the tigers get a do-over and Ridley would not be denied. How can it be with talent on both sides of the ball, LSU defense is one of the best in the country and the offense is one of the worst? It’s because of coaching…

  53. Greauxtiger

    FIrst of all, Crowton has no idea of one of the most basic principles of coaching do what best suites the athletes you have. The version of the spread he tries to run does not fit the skill set of Jefferson or Lee. The West coast offense best suites these two guys short passes that allow our ultra talented wideouts to run after the catch . And it will shorten the decision making process and doesn’t require them to have a quick release to get the ball out . We should put the pressure on our recievers to make plays. The way the offense is now with the personnel at qb we have our receivers will never be able to make plays . I think Jarrett Lee has a strong arm but doesn’t have the moxy to set in the pocket. Jefferson is an athlete but can’t read defenses and is not being taught to do so. I hope one of them steps up because we have a championship defense we just need them to score at least twenty four points a game and the d can do the rest.

  54. Drew

    Just got this page sent to me in an email…I fell out my chair! This is so right on it is scary! Gary Crowton is the worst offensive cord. in the world. When everyone in the stadium is telling the opposing def. what play LSU is running based on the formation..(trust me, we can do that) then you need to find a new scheme. But he doesn’t! He just won’t change anything. The Florida game gave us a little hope that they were going to turn a corner and head into a new direction, but then you have the Mcneese game a week later and everything goes back to the way that is was before. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result….Gary Crowton is INSANE!!! He needs to be fired. With our talent, we should be a very good team that is feared every year. But we are NOT. We are the bumbling idiots that trip over our own feet and fall face first into the #6 ranking. I LOVE LSU! But we will fall. Its just how much damage will he do to the program before he goes back to a MTW or WAC or SUNBELT conference where he belongs…Just sayin’!

  55. LSU Fan

    As a LSU fan reading this in the middle of the 2010 season, I have to see it makes the author look prophetic.

  56. wbnolan

    I found this site over a year ago, and still can’t believe how right this guy has been. It is a shame our WRs that are so talented are having to live in this predictable offense. If I can tell my wife what the next play is by down and distance and formation, you have to believe the opposing defense knows. After the game, one of the Auburn linebackers was quoted as saying, “we knew what they were going to do, and…”. A testimony to our talent level is that Brandon LaFell was drafted so high last despite a horrible passing offense at LSU. And, Lafell just had a career day in the NFL yesterday, 6 catches for 91 yards and he plays for the losing Carolina Panthers. I believer Reuben Randle is better, plus Tolliver and Shephard are superior athletes. Please somebody get Gonzales or even Ensminger to take over OC. Surely they could get more out of these QBs.

  57. cdtufts

    Crowton MUST go. The recruited offensive players deserve someone who can help them develop as much as Tiger fans deserve to see some progress offensively.

    I do not blame the players. Both QB’s were highly recruited, viewed as talented and left to drift without direction or development in my humble opinion.

  58. TigerFan10

    After the conclusion of the 2010 regular season I have to say this article has been 100% correct. We have talent across the board at the skill positions (outside QB) and our offense is embarrassing. Russell Sheppard didn’t get near enough touches. And what about Michael Ford? He has a great game against Ole Miss so we give him the ball 2-3 times against Arkansas? It’s a waste!! CROWTON HAS TO GO!!!!

  59. jeff

    If you could predict the stock market the way you have crowton pegged you could retire in two years. I agree with everything you said. I also agree that Mr. Crowton is a very respectible man and a very suspect co-ordinator. I would add that in addition to game management and predictability, he does not develop his players. Jarret Lee was a top recruit. One only wonders what he would have done had he developed under Petrino. There is a ruor that ULL may be interested in him as head coach. Please, please say its true.

  60. Anonymous

    your a fagg Crowton is one of the best coaches out their you dont have a clue what you are talking about get a life

  61. So true

    Anonymous you are out your mind. Dont know what games you been watching. Stats dont lie maybe you are illiterate too cause you are an idiot for making that statement. If he was so great why did he just get forced out. Leave Lsu to be offensive coordinator at maryland is a better opprotunity ? Come on idiot that is a demotion not a better opprotunity !!!!!!!!!!! You are a joke !!!!!!!!!!

  62. Mike

    Well, the Gary Crowton era is over at LSU. This took a few years more than I though it would, but he’s looking for work again. Word has it that Maryland might hire him. Word of advice: Stay for 1 maybe 2 years, and then look for another OC position.

  63. Beaux

    It’s almost scary how right you were.

    We may all now rejoice, however, because CROWTON IS GONE!!!

  64. T BOY T

    It’s hilarious reading the first few posts of people who didn’t really understand the article (i.e., Josh “the Prophet” Harrison said that the first year would be good, then things would start to go bad). I first read this article after we scored 3 points against Florida at home and lost the game 3 -13. This article made me feel sick and I wondered how long it would take to get rid of Crowton. We went 11 and 2 this year and the only thing that held us back was our pitiful offense. We really should have beat Aurburn, but only socred 17 points on their weak defense – I wonder what we could have accomplished this season without Crowton. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out!

  65. Jester

    Poor Maryland…………poor, poor little Terps

    They know not what they have done.

    I really hope for their sake that the ACC defenses are either plagued with injuries or the Defensive Coordinators lack the intelligence God gave a dust mite.

    Heaven help Maryland if they have more than one QB competing for the job. He’ll manage to make both of them worse.

    As ecstatic as we are, please forgive us.

  66. linewar

    Hello from Baton Rouge, LA.

    Wow. Just. . . . wow. My buddy found this article a few weeks ago while googling to see if the rumors about Crowton getting fired were true. If I had read this in 2007, my post would be vitriolic, but you are RIGHT. As an LSU fan, it became so easy to see what was happening – unproductive, ungroomed quarterbacks left to sink or swim on talent rather than skill, predictable play calling, (option to the short side of the field, anyone?) and poor management of offensive opportunities. While it was easy to see from the outside looking in, it was impossible to understand why it was not corrected. Why were there little-to-no, or ineffective, in-game adjustments? Why did LSU’s offense always seem to have a game plan OPPOSITE of a plan to exploit an opposing defense’s weakness?

    The answer is, was, and forever shall be Gary Crowton. I appreciate what he did in 2007, but if you follow LSU football, you know that that BCS Championship year was more a combination of a rare and talented crop of athletes and on-field leaders (Matt Flynn – backup QB in Green Bay, Jacob Hester – undersized fullback and special teams captain for San Diego, Early Doucet – WR for Arizona, Glenn Dorsey – a dominant defensive lineman and 1st-round pick of Kansas City) and incredible luck at the season’s end – not coaching.

    I wish Crowton the best at Maryland. He is in a situation there where he may more easily get a head coaching stint for a team in a BCS conference. since the ACC is not as strong as the SEC and mediocrity (maybe) more tolerated. (no dig intended toward BYU on the conference reference) But I, as well as every LSU fan I know, is relieved that Crowton is gone. I will never forget being in Tiger Stadium for the West Virginia game this past season, and hearing the fans boo their own team on two occasions – a (predictable) failed option to the short side of the field, and an interception. LSU fans are some of the most loyal in all of college football – the stadium is packed no matter the W/L record – and it is a terrible thing indeed when longtime fans boo their own team for bad play calling and poor execution. There is no excuse for underutilizing the talent that LSU manages to recruit year-in, year-out.

    Good luck to you, Mr. Crowton, and I hope you come back to the SEC as Florida, Alabama, or Auburn’s OC or HC.

    • Sabinfan

      The “Miracle of “07” was a Television Network / BCS fix. A THREE loss LSU team leapfrogged to the top spot because the game was being held in, guess where?????? Louisiana. And one thing is true, LSU brings a crowd with them!

      That so many could and did see the Crowton trainwreck coming is amazing, and one more slam on that genius “The Hat” “Timex Les”. Your last “national championship” LSU was a fluke of location! Keep playing those cow paddies to puff up your record, though! Or show your stuff by playing the big boys for a change!

      I became a Sabin fan while he was at LSU for those tiger claws ready to scratch. I do feel sorry for Maryland.

      • Anonymous

        There is so much fail in this post I don’t know where to start.
        1st: it’s Saban, not Sabin.

        2nd: LSU had 2 loses in 07, not 3.

        3rd: You should go look at LSU’s schedule, look at the rest of CFB team’s schedules, compare them, and you’ll see why LSU jumped back to where the did. I’ll give you a hint, September 8…

        4th: LOL@ “cow patty schedule – you might want to go look at our OOC scheduling the last few years, chump.

        5th: LSU 24 – 21 bama

        Game, set, match

  67. Nole N Utah

    This thread is terrific. When Crowton left Oregon for LSU I wrote a post on Rivals that said what Josh says in his article above. LSU fan abused me….ripped me up and down. It’s good to see Crowton come to the ACC. He’ll probably have a good first season. I’m not worried about it. FSU DC Mark Stoops faced Crowton in the PAC-10. It’s the other ACC teams that will have to deal with it in 2011. However, after 2011, Maryland’s offense will struggle big time in the ACC.

  68. Kevin

    I will say this, if you think his offense is so cyclical and in three years it is found out. How come he does this multiple times? Is everyone just stupid for the first year or two?

    He may not develop talent and be a great OC but not develop quarterbacks, but he can put up points. MD already had a great QB and if he stays for 3 years. I am sure Crowton will have to wait for a 4th year to suck right?

    Or maybe this time just as OC, someone else can recruit him a good QB.

  69. Hogie

    This sucks so much. So, so much. I want to die right now watching this guy’s offense against Temple.


  70. Roderick

    Wow is all I can say. This is my first time seeing this site but it is so on point. This guy predicted how this whole thing would unfold and he didn’t miss a beat. As a die hard LSU fan I am glad to see a better offense this year and glad to know that it will continue to get better now that Mr. Crowton is gone.

  71. Anonymous

    Wow…..Crowton lasted exactly one year at Maryland. Their offense went backward and their QB regressed. Now he is transfering away. Crowton obliterated the Maryland Offense. He is a cancer.



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